Professional Services

Professional Services

OPS’ core competency is providing the right people for the right job. Understanding the difficulty of finding the necessary talent that is comfortable operating in fast pace environment, OPS prides itself on providing key personnel to augment your operations. We act as an extension of your company and nest into existing procedures. Our major focus is on the following:

Administrative Support Services

We provide a large variety of general administrative and technical personnel to many different industries in support of their day-to-day operations. Many of these support services include, but not limited to:

  • Administrative / Clerical Support
  • Data Management Services
  • Training Coordination
  • Skilled Labor Specialists
  • Information Services
  • Operations Research Specialist
  • Project Managers (PMP Certified)

Business Consulting

OPS’ Consultants meets with your Executive Team and collaborates with Key Personnel to determine the desired end state for improving the current process. OPS’ A2DIR Approach is used to implement a tailored a process that is right for your company’s organizational culture.

    •  Assess – Our subject matter experts gather data and information to determine problem areas or lack of needed procedures. Screening and evaluation criteria is developed to facilitate the next steps.
    • Create Alternatives – Subject Matter Experts use findings, screening and evaluation criteria from the previous phase to develop alternatives. Key advantages, disadvantages, and rough order of magnitude of requirements are identified and then packaged.
    • Decide – Using established screening and evaluation criteria, OPS presents reasonable and viable alternatives to key leadership for a decision. OPS ensures key decision makers understand the full concept for each alternative and backs up recommendations with supporting data.
    • Implement & Roll out – Once your organization leadership makes the decision, OPS leads the development or supports the development of a project plan using Project Management Institutes (PMI) Project Management processes. With PMP certified personnel, a comprehensive project plan is developed and executed to meet project milestones and project roll out date. Upon project roll out, OPS also has the expertise and experience to develop a training curriculum to ensure all involved personnel are trained and understand the organization’s strategy.
    • Respond– OPS continues to support your organization after project roll out by ensuring project metrics are used to develop indicators to the effectiveness of the new operating process.

Proposal Management and Support / Research

Whether we augment your existing team or conduct the research for you, OPS is a reliable source that can maximize your team by providing research, writing white papers, or proposal development and support. We have helped companies win over 20 Million in new business and retain over 100 Million by understanding how the government operates. Over the years, we have developed over 100 different countries studies that are available to assist you with your area evaluation which help recognize hazards, identify inherent tasks and navigate the Apostille process for getting personnel into country so they can complete the mission.

Leadership and Strategy Development

Looking to increase your organizations leadership development or have an outside entity assess current business goals, objectives, and results. OPS creates Strategy-Focused Organizations by building Strategy Maps and incorporating Balanced Scorecards to measure initiatives that align with strategic objectives. We help you develop a communication plan so that everyone understands the corporate direction and how they fit into the big picture.