Training Courses

On Point Saliency’s Training Course

On Point Saliency incorporates an Outcomes Based Training philosophy which requires each student’s participation and focus to understand the “Why” and not just the “What and How”. Our courses require high participation and hands on training due to the instructional interaction and the fast paced operational tempo driven by numerous practical exercises and evaluations.

Our ultimate goal is to increase our customer’s capabilities and skills by developing intangible attributes that create tangible results. We carefully chose instructors using special selection criterion that requires real world experience specific to the training course. All of our courses can be given at the customer’s location.


Training Area Course Number Course Name Length
Leadership LDR 0100 Team Building Workshop ½ Day
LDR 0200 Team Building Workshops 1 – 4 2 Days
LDR 0300 Elicitation / Behavioral Interviewing 1 -2 Days
LDR 0400 Adaptive Leadership 1 – 3 Days
LDR 0500 Tactical Leadership Course 2 Days
LDR 0700 Leader Organizational Skills Course 2 Days
Project Management PM 0100 Project Management Introduction Course 1 Day
PM 0110 Identifying & Stakeholder Management ½ Day
PM 0120 Scope Management – Defining Scope, collecting & developing requirements and preventing scope creep 1 Day
PM 0130 Project Time Management – understanding project schedule, defining & sequencing activities; resource estimation & duration 1 Day
PM 0140 Project Cost Management – determining and controlling a budget 1 Day
PM 0160 Quality Management – developing a quality management plan; checks and balances on contractors 1 Day
PM 0150 Project Risk Management – Identifying Risk, Qualitative & Quantitative Risk Analysis; Mitigation & Controlling risks 2 Days
PM 0160 Understanding project procurement & the contracting process 1 Day
PM 0170 Effective Project Communications (goes good with Stakeholder Management Class) ½ Day
PM 0180 Developing a Project Team (Human Resource Management) 1 Day
PM0190 Project Integration Management 1 Day
PM 0200 Project Management Plan Development Course 3 – 5 Days
PM 0300 Project Management Certification Prep Course 5 Days
PM 0400 Risk Mitigation Planning 2 Days
Risk Mitigation RM S100 Basic Surveillance Detection Course 5 Days
RM S200 Advanced Surveillance Detection Course 12 Days
RM S300 Surveillance Detection Skill Currency Course 3 – 5 Days
RM T100 Employee Risk Mitigation Course 1 Day
RM T200 Threat Recognition / Risk Analysis Course 5 Days
RM T300 Travel Planning 1 Day
RM T400 Business Traveler Safety & Security Course 1 – 5 Days
Land Navigation LN 0100 Land Navigation 1 – 5 Days
LN 0200 Tactical Movement Course 2 Days
Survival Skills SV 0100 Basic Survival Skill Course 1 – 3 Days
SV 0200 Advanced Survival Skills Course 1 – 3 Days
SV 0300 Water Survival Skills Course 1 – 5 Days
Marksmanship MK 0100 Basic Marksmanship Course 1 – 3 Days
MK 0200 Advanced Marksmanship Course 1 – 3 Days
MK 0300 Designated Marksmanship Training Course 2 – 5 Days
MK 0400 Active Shooter Course 3 Days

Thank you for considering OPS for your training needs. Please feel free to contact us for additional information or to clarify any questions you may have. We look forward to working with your organization in the near future.