Capacity Building

Capacity Building and Developmental Assistance

Need help implementing a project or program to strengthen the skills, competencies and abilities of people and communities in developing societies? OPS leadership and background spawns from working with third world countries and organizations by heading up new projects, managing existing programs and educating people to become self sustaining.

OPS focus on building capacity for developing societies resides in

  • Leadership development
  • Mentorship and strategic planning
  • Establishing frameworks and procedures for effective resource management
  • Increase knowledge through education programs and providing professional skills training
  • Identifying and implementing effective metrics for accountability and success

Our leadership and extensive knowledge help guide internal development and activities to increase an organizations capacity using the following basic approach:

  • Develop a conceptual framework
  • Establish a vision and strategy
  • Develop an organizational structure
  • Acquire necessary skills and resources
  • Communicate strategy
  • Implement training and programs to support the vision